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Javed Ahmed Ghamidi teaches his book Meezan in a weekly class held at Ghamidi Center of Islamic Learning in Dallas, Texas, USA.  

Javed Ahmed Ghamidi teaches Quran and Hadith in a weekly class held at Ghamidi Center of Islamic Learning in Dallas, Texas, USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions about these classes that we are asked often.

Can I attend these classes?

Absolutely! You can come and join us at 3620 N. Josey Lane #230. Carrolton, TX 75007. Please make sure to register for Meezan or Al-Bayan classes so that we can save you a seat! These classes are absolutely free of cost!

When are these classes held?

These classes are held every Saturday (Meezan) and Sunday (Al-Bayan) at 12pm Central Time (convert to your local time). Some weeks are off usually when Javed Ahmed Ghamidi is traveling to other cities, but those weeks are announced in advance.

What are the timings for these classes?

These classes take place at 12pm U.S. Central Time (convert to your local time).

How can I attend these classes online?

These classes are streamed online on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Please like and subscribe these pages to receive live notifications.

Am I allowed to ask questions?

Sure! If you’re attending in-person, you are encouraged to ask questions if anything is not clear. There’s also a Q&A session at the end of each class.

Can I ask questions remotely?

We allow our paid subscribers to attend these classes remotely via online meeting, and they can directly pose questions to Javed Ahmed Ghamidi. Please contact us for details.