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اسلام کی حقانیت اور الحاد کے رد پر مبنی یہ منفرد ڈاکو منٹری سیریز دور جدید میں نصرت دین کا بڑا اہم کام ہے۔ اس سیریز کی مزید تیس اقساط پر کام جاری ہے۔ اس عظیم کام میں ادارہ انذار کے ساتھ درج ذیل طریقوں سے تعاون کیا جاسکتا ہے۔

This unique Daku Mantri series based on the truth of Islam and rejection of atheism is the most important work of Nusrat Din in the modern era. Thirty more episodes of this series are in progress. The organization can be supported in this great work in the following ways.

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Abu Yahya – Rehan Yusufi: Documentary Series : Insaan Ki Kahani (انسان کی کہانی)

Originally conceived and written by : Dr. Rehan Ahmed Yusufi (aka Abu Yahya)
Producers : Inzaar | An Educational and Charitable Trust
Executive Producer and Director : Ahmed Bashir Tahir
Production : Liquidmagic Studios
DOP : Ahmed Bashir Tahir / M. Imran Lee


While the Quran presents the articles of faith from the unseen, it also presents their undeniable proofs from our physical world. These proofs about the Oneness of God, his Prophets and the Hereafter generally remain undiscussed. However, in this age of Atheism, it is the most crucial need of the time to discuss them in detail with explanation and detailed commentary. “Story of Man” is an endeavour to meet that need. In these times, only a documentary based on a story and dramatic presentation of the events gains the acceptance of the public. Fortunately, the events of the prophets and their lives, as presented in the holy Quran, meet that need as well.

As such, this Documentary will be a drama-type presentation and will narrate the logical arguments of the Quran that prove the unity of God, Prophethood and the Hereafter.


The basic idea of this Documentary stems from “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage”, the globally famous television series written by Carl Sagan. This Author and Anchor watched it in 1988 on PTV when he was young. It was also the year the Author started reading the glorious Quran with translation for the first time. After that, the Author worked on the glorious Quran from 1997 to 2013 and determined, in detail, the proofs of the oneness of God and the Hereafter. That research was conducted for explaining the actual call of the Quran under the supervision of the illustrious teacher, Javed Ahmad Ghamdi and other leading scholars of the Farahi School of thought.

The Author expressed the intent to make this Documentary for the first time in 2013 in his third book “Teesri Roshni (Third Light)”. However, it was kept pending till 2020 due to a lack of resources. In 2020, after approval of the Board of ‘Inzaar’, this idea was discussed with brother Ahmad Bashir Tahir, who assured the Author of his cooperation in every way. Due to his efforts, the pilot episode of this Documentary was presented to the public in March 2022.