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Response to 23 Questions

Response to 23 Questions on Religious Opinion of Javed Ahmed Ghamidi

Most Thursdays (Some Thursdays may be skipped due to pending research work)

Al Bayan

Al Bayan Lectures

12:00 PM(CST) | First three Saturdays & Sundays of the month

Meezan Class

Meezan Class Lectures

12:00 PM(CST) | Last Saturday & Sunday of the month

Ask Ghamidi Live

Ask Ghamidi Questions & Answers

12:40 PM(CST) | Last Sunday of the month after Meezan Session

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Salam, due to the current spike in Covid-19 spread, we are going into lockdown at GCIL, and only essential staff will be allowed to enter, including during the weekend lectures. Please stay at home and stay safe.