Sunday School

Pre-register for Sunday School starting in 2020 so that we can schedule the best classes appropriate for your children’s age group.


Islam for Beginners - I

Ages 6-9

This introductory class will build children’s basic religious concepts, introduce them to prophets of Allah, and teach them to appreciate morals behind the stories of prophets.

Islam for Beginners - II

Ages 9-12

This class will teach children about prophet Muhammad, the final messenger of Islam. In this course children will learn about the life story of prophet, challenges he faced, as well as his accomplishments.

Moral Ethics in Islam

 Ages 12-14

In this class children will learn about moral and ethical values, as well as principles when dealing with other human beings. Children will learn about the concepts like gratitude, forgiveness, humility, and courage .

Road To Learning Islam

Ages 14-17

In this class children will be taught the basic foundations of Islam. They will learn the concepts of Quran, sunnah, and hadith, as well as faith in Allah, the day of judgement, rituals, and rights and obligations toward others.


What Happens Next?

Based on pre-registrations we will come up with best classes to offer that can benefit most children. Once we open up registration we will e-mail to let you know.

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