Character Development for the Youth – Section 1


Section 1 – Saturday Class
Ramadan 2021
Age Group: Age 14-17 years
Language: English
April 17 – May 8, 2021

Other Time Zones
Taught By Maryam Habib

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to highlight the salient features of the moral code inherent in Islam and its application in daily life. Students will explore four basic tenets namely Honesty, Integrity, Kindness and Tolerance within the framework of references from Quran and Hadiths in four sessions, respectively. Sessions will be structured to show students how they can apply these teachings in everyday life resulting in lifelong habits that invariably assist in achieving tazkiya. Course content will specifically address issues from the perspective of a teenager, the challenges they face and the resultant conflicts that may make adherence seem difficult.

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