Ask Dr. Saleem

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Age Group: Age 15+ years
Language: English

Ongoing – Every First Saturday 11AM – 12PM CENTRAL (U.S.)
Other Time ZonesĀ 

Performed By: Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Meeting links, reminders, recordings, as well as any class material will be shared in a WhatsApp group. The link for the WhatsApp group
will be on the Registration Page and shown once the Registration Process completes so please DO NOT FORGET to Join The WhatsApp Group.

Session Description

Join Dr. Shehzad Saleem once a month where he will hear your questions and answer them with his vast in-depth knowledge of Deen e Haq. He will hear and respond to every issue that people may be faced with, from Parental Guidance to Marital Problems and even Youth Related Issues. Dr. Shehzad Saleem will address your every query in this private setting held via Zoom.

Student Information

Please make sure that the student age is accurate and according to the level selected.

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