The Definitive Key To Understanding The Quran


The Definitive Key To Understanding The Quran
Jan 2021
Age Group: Age 15 and above
Language: English
12 Saturdays – Starting Jan 09
Sat 10am – 11am Central Time (USA)
Other Time Zones
Taught By Dr. Irfan Shehzad
No Refunds

Course Description

The divine law of culmination of argument in the Quran illustrates how God has directly intervened and established a court of justice to deliver reward and punishment for certain nations after the truth was completely and conclusively communicated to them. The implications of this law for the direct addressees of a messenger are articulated and discussed throughout the Quran. However, in order to properly understand the Quran, it is impetrative that the reader be aware of this law.

The Divine Law of Conclusive Argument is one of the most remarkable discoveries made by the eminent Islamic scholar Hamiduddin Farahi. Farahi’s students, Ameen Ahsan Islahi and his student Javed Ghamidi have further elaborated on this topic. The discovery of this law brings the Quran, the Torah and the Bible together in a stark convergence that highlights a common theme threaded through them. This law helps reinterpret many directives of the shariah with a clear perspective, such as the concept of jihad, death penalty for apostasy, friendship and marriage with non-Muslims, etc. It also offers a key to determining which directives of the Quran are generic for all Muslims and which directives are specific for certain the direct addresses of the Quran.


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